What sets us apart from others?

Our own sense of character and style. All the things we like through music, colour, smell, sound and touch mould us as a person.

So when designing our own house you can see how everyones style and home can vary so much. It is our job at GT&B to make sure we have all of the possibilities available to our customers that will suit every design style and taste for new home builders and renovators.

It is no simple feat as there is a plethora of items to choose from. However our design team rise to the challenge every season to pick out the best and latest products for our clients.

With so much at our disposal from our Australian and suppliers abroad there is no limitation. This season we have sourced some exceptional new pieces. There is a real move into the textures that are on tiles at the moment. The mainstream ranges are still prodominently matt and gloss but as you delve into our exclusive european ranges you will see many tactile and intriguing new tiles. We have a huge range of hand made tiles in various shapes and colour that make for fantastic feature walls. There are many rustic and worn looking tiles that are great for a rich feel and wonderful for cleaning as they disguise every bit of dust and crumb. These tiles come in subway format, hexagon, diamond, large format and even in a rustic timber look. The newest texture kid on the block is the every stunning brick look tiles. Superb in texture and colour, there is no shortage of the possibilities with these new wonders. To accommodate for everyones taste there are so many different finishes and sizes to work in with from federation period homes to modern Scadinavian styles. Our design pick of the month has to be our large format back tiles in the matt black and the white. Not to mention their extraordinary feature tiles that are like no other tile on the market today. If a feature is what you are looking for, this is a range not to miss out on.

Do your self a favour and visit our showroom and simply have a look at the thousands of beautiful tiles there are on offer. Every tile is unique as you are, the right one will stand out to you. Tiles are a main factor of every home, so don’t rush into your tile choice, take time to look around and explore the wonderful options that are available to you and that make you smile. Visit the design team at Geelong Tiles & Bathware ….. prepare to be inspired

Mel Skoko - Designer