Keep Warm Every Winter with Underfloor Heating

It’s official. Winter is here and boy does it feel like it’s here to stay…well, for a little while at least. With a change in seasons comes a realisation of the necessity of keeping warm in the colder months of the year. In the realm of tiles and bathware this necessity is no different, and thankfully there are solutions to help combat that cold feeling you get under your feet as you brush your teeth in the morning.

No longer do your tiled floors have to be cold and dreary thanks to this product. Bathrooms and ensuites – heck, even laundries - can benefit from the radiant heat provided by underfloor heating.  We are seeing more and more interior designers and architects specifying underfloor heating in projects insisting it is a non-negotiable in bathrooms. And we really can’t blame them.


Radiant heat is what separates underfloor heating from forced air systems. Here’s how: Electric underfloor heating works by warming people through the magic of subtle, radiant heat. In short, the air temperature of the room can be much lower but the people inside will still feel warm and comfortable. As underfloor heating generally covers the entire floor of a space, this creates an even distribution of heat, meaning you stay warmer for longer in every corner of the room.


Well yes, of course it is. Underfloor heating is ideal in bathrooms as it not only heats the floor, it also helps dry the floor, preventing the build-up of mould over time. In saying this, you may even wish to install it in the shower area to take advantage of these drying properties. If you prefer robe hooks over heated towel rails, you can even run the underfloor heating behind a tiled wall to help dry your towels.


In a growing sustainably conscious society, underfloor heating is the answer to your energy saving woes. Most underfloor heating systems come equipped with a thermostat which allows you to set the heating to be on only when you require it. This in turn reduces the amount of time it is being used at its full capacity. While the running costs will vary between applications, site conditions and tariffs, some underfloor heating systems cost as little as 2c per M2 per hour to run – bonus!

Underfloor heating will, quite simply, change your life. No longer will you be dreading entering your cold bathroom on a miserable winter’s morning. With thanks to your individual programming, the thermostat will have warmed that floor right up as you slept. What’s not to love!?

Alana Perin