Statement Tapware Here to Stay

With so many kitchen and bathroom tapware ranges on the market, it is hard for people to choose the perfect one. My advice is don't be scared to choose something different. People often question is matte black still in or is this going to date? Often if you are choosing pieces for your own style and home, you connect with a particular look and colour. Go with your instinct and have fun with these pieces. Kitchen mixer and bathroom taps can really bring life and character to the room.

Many suppliers are offering a number of special finishes in tapware that are growing in popularity. The obvious matte black is being closely followed by, brushed chrome, gunmetal, nickel, antique brass and rose gold. Over the last month we have been forecasting what is next to come, and the most recent trade fare confirmed that coloured tapware ins't going anywhere but forward.

There are some amazing and innovative new ranges soon to be realeased. These custom colours and two tones options are really going to let individuals and designers express themselves and their ideas, creating unique looking rooms.

So if you are in the market for new tapware, be sure to visit us and let us show you all the new options we have and lets create your ideal look.